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Furthermore Peter designed quality procedures to be used in monitoring the construction processes of subsidised, low-cost housing resulted in Peter being requested to assist with the relocation of the Ga-Pila community in the Limpopo Province. This massive relocation project, due to Anglo Platinum mining expansion, provided Peter with unparallel expertise leading to successfully completing an intensive training session on Local Government Assessment at the CSIR – Pretoria in 1998. Peter now holds a title as an Accredited Assessor for the South African Business Excellence Foundation. This knowledge he now shares with others.

His passion to address sustainable development needs in Africa became an obsession.

In 1999 Peter established The Foundation for the Development of Africa (FDA) (NPC), a non-membership, private, (NPC) Not-for-profit Company actively involved with initiating and facilitating business and other processes conducive to sustainable development in Africa – with the emphasis on sustainability!

Peter’s broad expertise has made him a well-known personality in Africa. His numerous television, radio and print media interviews as well as the number of high level conferences and events he has addressed, testifies to the respect he commands in the field of Africa affairs.


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